Thursday, July 23, 2009

Natural Energy Boosters

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By Sara Melone

On certain days, we all fall victim to the inevitable drag. Sometimes we just can't help yawning and feel absolutely no energy whatsoever. So what do we do to overcome those sleepy, low energy days? Instead of always running for a cup of coffee, energy drink or heaven forbid - sugary snacks, try some of the following natural energy boosters to get your "get up and go" back.

L-Glutamine Powder
Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in muscles. This amino acid supplement is already found in many protein mixes and energy bars. Body-builders have been using it for years to help replenish after a work-out. L-Glutamine is believed to help the body in metabolizing protein and is thought to reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings.


We already know apples are amazing. They provide fiber and more specifically, a type called pectin that helps lower cholesterol levels and moderate blood sugar. Apples also contain a mineral called boron which is believed to boost alertness and concentration. Apples have even been linked in studies to a reduced risk of Alzheimer's.

Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle is an herb that has been used for thousands of years in conjunction with supporting healthy liver function. Many people do not realize decreased liver functionality can be a major factor in fatigue and low energy. In fact, one of the liver's main functions is breaking down stored fat to produce energy.

That's right, they're good for more than just Thanksgiving pie and Halloween carving. Pumpkin is high in fiber and low in calories, and it has been shown to help stabilize energy. Pumpkins are high in potassium and contain Vitamin C as well as other nutrients such as Niacin, Vitamin E, Calcium and Iron.

If you can stand the heat, eat up! The capsaicin found in hot peppers has been show to boost metabolism and energy. Cayenne pepper is often used by those seeking to increase metabolism and shed pounds because some studies suggest cayenne pepper can raise metabolic rate by up to 25% for a period of several hours after ingestion. Anyone who has ever eaten a hot pepper can testify to the fact that hot peppers can increase circulation immediately. Increased blood flow can translate to better energy levels.

Next time you're feeling a little low on energy, reach for one of these all natural alternatives and get back to feeling great in record time!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Law of Polarity

The law of polarity states that everything in the universe has an opposite. There is no up without down, there is no hot without cold and there is no light without darkness. For everything that exists, there is a pole which measures varying degrees of that particular element.

Revisiting science once again, we remember that all matter in the universe is made up of atoms. Once thought to be the smallest unit of matter, we now know even atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. In fact, atomic structure is the perfect representation of the law of polarity. The law of polarity can simply be represented by a spectrum. At both ends of the spectrum are the polar opposites - light and dark, hot and cold, etc. In the middle lies neutrality. Inside an atom (the building block of all matter) we have the proton (positive), the electron (negative) and the neutron (neutral).

Just think about the last time you tried to pick out a paint color and stared at a wall of paint chips. For every color that exists, there is a spectrum ranging from a very dark shade to a very light shade. There are even colors like ultra violet which we can't see with the human eye, but they exist.

So what do we do with the law of polarity? We use it like a compass to guide us on the right path to the right thoughts and the good life we deserve. If we are experiencing circumstances that are not ideal or feelings that make us feel disharmonious, we can know with absolute certainty that according to the law of polarity there has to be an exact polar opposite to our current experience. For every negative experience we perceive there is either:

a.) another positive experience waiting for us


b.) there is something positive we can somehow glean out of the perceived negative.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the law of polarity is in recognizing that for every negative thought or emotion we experience, there is a polar opposite which we could just as easily be experiencing. All we have to do is shift focus back to the other end of the spectrum. The law of polarity helps us redirect our course in life and serves to let us know that there is always an alternative. If we never experienced failure, we could not know and fully appreciate the success. If we did not know hunger or want, we would not know the satisfaction of fulfillment. Like the law of relativity, without knowing our circumstances could be perceived as much worse, we would not know how good we have it already.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Law of Vibration

The law of vibration states that everything vibrates, and nothing in the universe is at rest. Through the use of scientific equipment we can even see this concept for ourselves. The table in the dining room looks solid, but if we were to put the table under a high-powered microscope, we would see that table is actually made up of tiny particles which are moving and vibrating all the time. They do so at such a low rate of speed that they appear not to be moving at all to the naked eye. We could do the same thing even with our own bodies. Our skin cells, blood cells, liver cells and heart cells could all be broken down into subatomic particles which clearly move and vibrate continuously . Even when our bodies die, they continue to vibrate as the molecules break down and the physical body eventually transforms into dust particles.

Everything in our universe is a vibration. The wind, the light, the plants, animals and ourselves. Some of these vibrations are easily detectable while others are not. When someone speaks, their voice emanates in a specific frequency - or vibration. In listening to that person speak, the vibration of their voice is carried into the ear canal where it vibrates the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. This vibration in the ear is then translated into a spark of energy as the brain cells vibrate to interpret the sound, the speech and the words.

Even without having to study the complex mathematical equations and scientific theories that have led to the discovery of this law, you will see its truth all around you. Think about when you put a pot of water on the stove. You leave it alone for a while, and the water stabilizes to appear completely still and motionless. Then you turn on the burner underneath the pot. The burner heats up and transfers heat vibrations to the pot. The pot then transfers heat to the water. As the water heats up, its vibration increases to such a high rate of speed you can actually see it with your eyes. First you detect tiny air bubbles forming and rising to the surface. Then those bubbles increase exponentially and the water begins to boil. It gains so much speed from its high rate of vibration that it continues to expand right out of the pot as the steam vapor rises into the atmosphere.

Remember if everything is vibrating and in a constant state of motion, it must be in motion toward something. Imagine we place two magnets on that dining room table. They are adjacent to each other but independent of each other. Now we grab on to the edge of the table and begin to shake it rhythmically so everything on the table's surface including the two magnets also begins to vibrate at the same rate. Eventually, those two magnets will vibrate close enough to each other that they are able to attract each other and become one joined unit.

Our bodies are also vibrating masses waiting to attract other vibrating forces. If we find we are in a state of despair, we will vibrate toward despair. If we are vibrating positive energy of wealth, health, abundance and joy, we will vibrate toward and attract more of those same vibrations to increase exponentially.

The good news is that we are not lame ducks subject to the will of vibrations. We have control over the vibrations we create and thereby the vibrations we attract and gravitate toward. In an ever-expanding universe where everything exists on a vibrational level, our thoughts are one of the highest vibrational frequencies known to exist. Nothing we know of is faster than the speed of thought. There exists amazing potential in those thought vibrations, and that is why it is so important to harness that power and learn to direct it appropriately.

When we think a negative thought, negativity will vibrate toward us. Think that way for long enough, and it begins to encompass our entire being. Our whole body will vibrate with negative energy right down to the cells in our organs.

It also works the other way, however. In the opposite direction it works faster, better and more efficiently. Alter our thoughts to produce positive vibrations, and it will engulf our entire being in abundant, radiant energy. We will begin to vibrate at such a high frequency that more and more positive energy will vibrate toward us and attach to us at an ever increasing rate. One positive vibration leads to another and then another, propelling us up the ladder to bigger and better things. It's like a Universal multi-level marketing system! We can use the law of vibration and make it work for us to vibrate toward everything good for our life. There is no "good luck" or "bad luck", there is only vibration.

Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Steps to a State of Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. We choose whether or not we are going to be happy no matter what circumstances life sends our way. There are people who easily become moody and depressed over the simplest set-back, and there are those who continue to shine with a sunny disposition no matter what inconvenience might pop up along the way. What makes or breaks our life is how we deal with the situations presented to us. Jack Canfield teaches an equation known as E+R=O. Event+Response=Outcome.

Today I choose to be happy. What about you? Will you choose to be happy, too? Set yourself up for happiness. Clear away the cobwebs in your mind, your body and your life and set your focus on positive thought and a happy state of mind. To get started, consider making some of the following changes in your daily life to leave the door open for happiness.

1. Adjust Your Diet
Sometimes the things we eat can actually have a negative affect on our mood. Certain foods like omega-3 rich salmon and nuts can boost the mood and help stave off feelings of depression in those who are prone. The vibrational energy of certain foods is another thing to keep in mind. Certain foods might be better suited to match your body's chemistry and vibrational energy. Plus, when we are making healthy food choices and taking care of our body, we automatically feel better.

2. Keep a Journal
A journal can be therapeutic in two different ways. If we are facing difficulty with a situation or a decision, journaling can help with working out feelings in the same way talking to someone can help sort through the situation. Some people find when they have a rough day or a difficult time with a loved one, putting the feelings onto paper allows them to release those feelings from their mind and move on. Others argue this habit might only increase negative feelings as we dwell on them in contemplation. See how it works for you and adjust your habits accordingly. Journaling can be an excellent opportunity to focus on good things, as well. Each night or each week you can write out all of the wonderful things you saw, felt and experienced in the previous days or hours. Focusing on the positive moments will make you feel great, and you always have that record to go back to.

3. Good Deeds
If you've ever helped someone and known how much your help was appreciated or needed, you know how good it can feel to pitch in. If you have the time, make it a regular event and you will notice an improvement in your feelings and general state of happiness.

4. Meditate
Mediation is a powerful tool for focusing the mind and getting clear about what you want to bring in to your life. During meditation, you can practice techniques to relieve stress and let go of emotions that can interfere with your ability to experience deep levels of happiness. Meditation allows you to achieve a peaceful state and become open to the blessings waiting to shower your life!

5. Shed Some Light on the Situation
If you've ever spent a long winter hibernating in the darkness that starts around 4:30 in the afternoon, you know how light (or lack thereof) can affect your mood. Open the blinds and let the sunlight stream in as soon as you first wake up in the morning. Eat breakfast by a sunny window or on the patio, and spend time outdoors each day. Particularly if you work in an office without direct sunlight, make sure you spend your breaks outside or near a window to get a healthy dose of cheerful sunlight.

6. Socialize
Spending time with family and friends who care about you and share your desire to live a happy, positive life can do wonders for boosting your mood. Human beings feed off each other, and when we share great times together life becomes so much more enriching.

7. Exercise
Regular exercise is so important for our bodies. Not only does it release endorphins to make us feel happier right away, but participating in regular exercise makes us feel good because we know we are taking good care of our bodies the way we should. It's a healthy accomplishment we can be proud of!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Law of Relativity

Einstein was famous for his theory of relativity which focused on several areas including gravity and the time space continuum. Einstein surmised the idea that space and time were not necessarily fixed, but that things could change depending on the person or the viewpoint.

If you were sitting on a hill watching the sun set over the edge of the horizon, you might conclude the sun finally set at 5:46 pm based on your vantage point. If you moved further up the hill however, you might actually see the sun set again several seconds later. Move further and further up the hill and the time of the sunset will continually change relative to your vantage point.

The law of relativity states that nothing can be considered good or bad, fast or slow, big or small unless it is in relation to something else.

This law is important in several very specific ways. First of all, it reiterates the fact that our minds are the most powerful element in our life circumstances. No matter where our life is at this moment, we can only feel dissatisfied when we decide there is something to be dissatisfied about. After all, it is only in relation to someone else's perceived triumph or to our own unattained goals that we might feel insignificant in our current achievements. By the same token, only in looking back and seeing how far we have come relative to where we were or relative to where others are now can we truly appreciate the strides we have made.

Finding a way to switch that mechanism in order to see the beauty and wonder in life no matter what level we have reached will open up countless doors. We feel a true sense of happiness and purpose affirming each step taken and acknowledging where we have been and what we have accomplished while focusing on where we want to be. That sense of happiness and contentment only serves to attract more happiness based on the other laws as we know them.

The second portion of the law of relativity is the way in which it works to induce feelings of gratitude. Although it may not be ideal to our desires at that moment, no matter what situation we find ourselves in at any given time - it could always be worse. We can always look around and find someone who is in a worse situation. Not that it is advisable to revel in others' misery, but the simple fact allows us the opportunity to feel gratitude for the blessings we have received and the things we have been able to achieve thus far. Those feelings of gratitude will in turn breed more good feelings and allow us to turn that positive energy into more and more wonderful circumstances for our lives.

The third point concerning the Law of Relativity is concerning speed and time. When people are trying to create something beautiful out of their lives and manifest something specific, they often focus on time and wonder how speedily it will be delivered to them. Often the idea that something will take a long time can be discouraging enough to ward off the prospect of eventual fulfillment. Remember that nothing can be considered big or small, fast or slow except in relation to something else. Only if we perceive it to be a long wait will it actually be a long wait. If we perceive our results will come fast - like at the speed of light - then they will arrive speedily into our life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

The definition of transmute is "to change the form, substance or character of. The law of perpetual transmutation refers to the fact that energy is constantly flowing in and out of the material world and taking various forms. The energy source is limitless, and it is never depleted.

We already know this law from what we learned it in science class. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply flows in and out of different forms.

In simple terms: energy radiates down from the sun, and photosynthetic organisms such as plants use that light energy to produce carbohydrate (glucose). That glucose can be used to supply the energy needs of the plant cells to continue growing. When human beings eat those plants, our bodies are also supplied with sugars which we convert to our own energy. In fact, a calorie is simply a unit of energy. Our bodies in turn work, move and think - all the while utilizing those calories inside our cells. When we burn those calories through activity, they move from our bodies back into the atmosphere through the release of heat. It's a never-ending cycle. All energy exists as some form, but it is always changing and mutating into different forms of energy.

What about you? Your whole body is energy. You are a huge mass of vibrating energy and whirling molecules. Your cells are constantly reforming, and your body is always restructuring itself. Your thought patterns create a spark of energy. Even your voice has a unique vibrational frequency all its own.

You are energy, and energy is constantly flowing through you from the invisible, inexhaustible source which you cannot see but can most definitely feel. Energy flows into you and it becomes you - it becomes whatever you direct it to become through your thoughts and actions. The energy then manifests in the material world around you. It can manifest into the dinner you cook for your family, or the house you build with your hands. It can manifest into the relationship you have been focusing on or the career you have been pursuing.

Often human beings are sometimes adverse to change but if we are energy, we are subject to perpetual change. Nothing ever remains the same in our life. We are constantly altered by information, experiences and perspective.

It might sound a little frightening until we think about the vast opportunity this opens up. We are constant transformation. We cannot be hindered by circumstance or station in life. We can become anything. We have to change because we are energy. Energy passes into and through us, and like a beacon we can direct it to transform into our heart's desire.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Foot

First dates can be unnerving. The excitement, the uncertainty and raw nerves can easily get in the way and trip us up if we allow them. Often times it can be difficult trying to strike the right balance of conversation, attitude and behavior. While our mothers teach us to be on our best behavior when meeting someone new, our need to be true and honest to ourselves insists we should simply be who we are and "consequences be damned!"

Do we sit politely and hold our tongue, or do we open up and allow our date to see the good, the bad and the ugly all at once? We want to be loved for who we are - imperfections and all. Doesn't it make sense to show all of our faults right away so we can find a relationship with someone who will accept those imperfections right from the start?

In reality, there does exist a comfortable balance somewhere in the middle.

Certainly we should always be true to ourselves and honor both the person we are and the person we are becoming. Especially in dating, we can sometimes have a tendency to put our best foot forward in the beginning only to steadily decline as the relationship progresses, but we should always be putting our best foot forward in every day of our lives since life is about becoming the best version of you possible. It's a commitment to work toward and strive for each and every day, and it's not something that should make occasional appearances then disappear altogether.

If you find yourself on your best behavior during a first date with someone you really like, decide to make that best behavior your new usual behavior. If it's good enough for the first date, it's good enough for the fifth date and even the fiftieth date! No one likes to experience a bait and switch on a date with someone we like. They are quiet and polite with a comfortable flow of conversation, and we find ourselves enjoying their company only to learn several weeks later that their "real" personality is pushy, aggressive and caustic. That will only spell disappointment for all parties involved.

We shouldn't have to mask or try to hide our true spirit from anyone, but sometimes it's better to reveal yourself gradually so your inner layers can be seen for the interesting and unique puzzle that makes up you.

Definitely showcase all of your best qualities. Certainly don't try to hide your negative qualities, but do make a steady and determined effort to minimize those negative qualities. Let your awesome side shine through as much as possible until it eventually takes over. Allow your most positive traits and behaviors to take hold, blossom and expand until they fill up your entire being and you can be seen for how wonderful you truly are.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The Law of Resonance and Coaching

If you read the article entitled "What is Brain Wave Therapy?", then you've already had a refresher course on the Law of Resonance. It states, "all energy resonates at a specific frequency enabling only energy of a harmonious frequency to attach to it creating your physical results."

In slightly varying terms it is also often stated, "When two energy fields vibrating at different frequencies are brought together, the resonance of the two must meet. Either the higher will be pulled down to the lower, the lower will be raised to the higher, or they will meet somewhere in between."

So when one tuning fork is struck and begins to vibrate and hum, another tuning fork nearby will also begin to hum in unison even though it has not been struck at all. This phenomenon can also be played out on crystal goblets or two perfectly tuned violins. When a string is plucked on one violin, the other violin also begins to sing in perfect harmony.

It's a fascinating concept made even more so when we think about how this law of resonance can be applied to our lives. We already know the human mind emits a certain frequency based on the way we think and the activities we are engaging in at any given moment. These frequencies can be recorded by an electroencephalogram (or EEG). This test measures and records the electrical activity of the brain through the use of electrodes. Using the power of sound wave technology in brain wave therapy, we can actually alter the way our minds work by resetting the frequency in order to invoke better concentration, more restful sleep and lasting memory. It's incredible.

So if our minds are emitting a certain frequency and if the law of resonance applies to human beings as well, then the frequencies of our minds would be automatically adjusting to meet the frequency of other people's minds all the time!


It's no wonder misery loves company when the law of resonance is at work! We can see how truly important it is to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our vision, our passions and our goals for happiness and success. Now we understand why it can make such a difference to spend time with joyful, supportive people. Even after a difficult day, their laughter and happiness is literally infectious and can bring us back up to a happy frequency almost magically.

Think about how powerful this concept can be when applied to coaching. If you know of someone who is successful, positive and happy, you know they are emitting a matching frequency through their happy and positive thoughts. If you are working with them or spending time with them, you are bound to be picking up some of that signal as well. Your brain frequency will be working to meet theirs. If that person is willing to spend significant time working with you and mentoring you, you will be benefiting both from their wisdom and teaching as well as from their positive brain frequency.

If you think you might need help and encouragement getting your mind on the right track to build the life you want, seek out the advice and counsel of a coach. There are likely people in your own immediate circle who would be willing to offer guidance if you simply ask. You could also seek the services of a qualified life coach or law of attraction specialist. There are many who have dedicated their lives to this work.
You can even find help and support from other people who are on the same path and share your desire for a better life and a more positive outlook. Church groups, social clubs and even online forums are a great place to search and make connections with the right frequencies.

Signing off...10-4!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dating Conversation Taboos

There are several topics of conversation which some would say are best to avoid in the beginning stages of a relationship. Truthfully, any and all subjects can be discussed if broached in a tasteful and respectful manner. Some of these taboo topics include former relationships, sex, money, politics and religion.

The quandary is that these same subjects are vital components of many people's lives and are areas which warrant discussion between any two people who have caught each other's fancies and intend to build a relationship. So how do we convey the information back and forth while avoiding any unwanted offense?

Religion and Politics

When the desire arises to discuss something of politics or religion, remember to be cautious and respectful. Many people are passionate about these areas of their lives, and they do not want to feel as though someone else is judging them or wishing to persuade them to a differing ideal. These subjects can generally be discussed insofar as politely inquiring about the other person's position and then hearing them out. Once their explanation is complete or if they in turn ask about your stance, it then becomes appropriate to offer your own opinion while taking care not to throw too much weight behind that opinion.

Some couples find a friendly debate to be one of the invigorating building blocks of their relationship. If that becomes the case, it will be uncovered soon enough once two people develop a healthy, trusting relationship where each person is allowed to be themselves even when the opinions vary. In the early stages, most people are glad to share views and compare notes but not too many want to delve into a heated debate while trying to enjoy a date with someone new.

On the topic of money, it's never really polite to ask another person about their specific level of success. It can be acceptable for the individual to divulge whether or not they are financially secure, however. There's nothing wrong with a healthy love of money and pride in one's success, but extensive discussion about financial success can become tedious after too long. This is true of any topic that is discussed at exhaustive length.

Former Relationships
Until one of you says, "Tell me about your previous relationships" it's not usually a good idea to make mention of those previous relationships. They are a part of our past and hopefully a part of our learning curve. When dating someone new, the focus should be on them. No one wants to feel as though they are being compared to a past relationship, and no one wants to wonder if their date is bringing up an ex because they are still not over him or her.

Each new person that comes in your life is a new opportunity. Enjoy that person for who they are in that moment, and do not worry about the past. At some point it becomes appropriate to touch on the past as we come to know one another better, but those moments will typically arise organically.

This is another topic which will typically find its way into the conversation naturally. Unless this was the original and agreed upon intent of the date (by both parties), it's most appropriately discussed in the context of establishing expectations for a committed relationship.

With a little discretion and careful timing, you will find all subjects and easy to broach and comfortable to discuss.