Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation


The definition of transmute is "to change the form, substance or character of. The law of perpetual transmutation refers to the fact that energy is constantly flowing in and out of the material world and taking various forms. The energy source is limitless, and it is never depleted.

We already know this law from what we learned it in science class. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply flows in and out of different forms.

In simple terms: energy radiates down from the sun, and photosynthetic organisms such as plants use that light energy to produce carbohydrate (glucose). That glucose can be used to supply the energy needs of the plant cells to continue growing. When human beings eat those plants, our bodies are also supplied with sugars which we convert to our own energy. In fact, a calorie is simply a unit of energy. Our bodies in turn work, move and think - all the while utilizing those calories inside our cells. When we burn those calories through activity, they move from our bodies back into the atmosphere through the release of heat. It's a never-ending cycle. All energy exists as some form, but it is always changing and mutating into different forms of energy.

What about you? Your whole body is energy. You are a huge mass of vibrating energy and whirling molecules. Your cells are constantly reforming, and your body is always restructuring itself. Your thought patterns create a spark of energy. Even your voice has a unique vibrational frequency all its own.

You are energy, and energy is constantly flowing through you from the invisible, inexhaustible source which you cannot see but can most definitely feel. Energy flows into you and it becomes you - it becomes whatever you direct it to become through your thoughts and actions. The energy then manifests in the material world around you. It can manifest into the dinner you cook for your family, or the house you build with your hands. It can manifest into the relationship you have been focusing on or the career you have been pursuing.

Often human beings are sometimes adverse to change but if we are energy, we are subject to perpetual change. Nothing ever remains the same in our life. We are constantly altered by information, experiences and perspective.

It might sound a little frightening until we think about the vast opportunity this opens up. We are constant transformation. We cannot be hindered by circumstance or station in life. We can become anything. We have to change because we are energy. Energy passes into and through us, and like a beacon we can direct it to transform into our heart's desire.


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