Thursday, July 16, 2009

Law of Relativity

Einstein was famous for his theory of relativity which focused on several areas including gravity and the time space continuum. Einstein surmised the idea that space and time were not necessarily fixed, but that things could change depending on the person or the viewpoint.

If you were sitting on a hill watching the sun set over the edge of the horizon, you might conclude the sun finally set at 5:46 pm based on your vantage point. If you moved further up the hill however, you might actually see the sun set again several seconds later. Move further and further up the hill and the time of the sunset will continually change relative to your vantage point.

The law of relativity states that nothing can be considered good or bad, fast or slow, big or small unless it is in relation to something else.

This law is important in several very specific ways. First of all, it reiterates the fact that our minds are the most powerful element in our life circumstances. No matter where our life is at this moment, we can only feel dissatisfied when we decide there is something to be dissatisfied about. After all, it is only in relation to someone else's perceived triumph or to our own unattained goals that we might feel insignificant in our current achievements. By the same token, only in looking back and seeing how far we have come relative to where we were or relative to where others are now can we truly appreciate the strides we have made.

Finding a way to switch that mechanism in order to see the beauty and wonder in life no matter what level we have reached will open up countless doors. We feel a true sense of happiness and purpose affirming each step taken and acknowledging where we have been and what we have accomplished while focusing on where we want to be. That sense of happiness and contentment only serves to attract more happiness based on the other laws as we know them.

The second portion of the law of relativity is the way in which it works to induce feelings of gratitude. Although it may not be ideal to our desires at that moment, no matter what situation we find ourselves in at any given time - it could always be worse. We can always look around and find someone who is in a worse situation. Not that it is advisable to revel in others' misery, but the simple fact allows us the opportunity to feel gratitude for the blessings we have received and the things we have been able to achieve thus far. Those feelings of gratitude will in turn breed more good feelings and allow us to turn that positive energy into more and more wonderful circumstances for our lives.

The third point concerning the Law of Relativity is concerning speed and time. When people are trying to create something beautiful out of their lives and manifest something specific, they often focus on time and wonder how speedily it will be delivered to them. Often the idea that something will take a long time can be discouraging enough to ward off the prospect of eventual fulfillment. Remember that nothing can be considered big or small, fast or slow except in relation to something else. Only if we perceive it to be a long wait will it actually be a long wait. If we perceive our results will come fast - like at the speed of light - then they will arrive speedily into our life!

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