Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Law of Resonance and Coaching

If you read the article entitled "What is Brain Wave Therapy?", then you've already had a refresher course on the Law of Resonance. It states, "all energy resonates at a specific frequency enabling only energy of a harmonious frequency to attach to it creating your physical results."

In slightly varying terms it is also often stated, "When two energy fields vibrating at different frequencies are brought together, the resonance of the two must meet. Either the higher will be pulled down to the lower, the lower will be raised to the higher, or they will meet somewhere in between."

So when one tuning fork is struck and begins to vibrate and hum, another tuning fork nearby will also begin to hum in unison even though it has not been struck at all. This phenomenon can also be played out on crystal goblets or two perfectly tuned violins. When a string is plucked on one violin, the other violin also begins to sing in perfect harmony.

It's a fascinating concept made even more so when we think about how this law of resonance can be applied to our lives. We already know the human mind emits a certain frequency based on the way we think and the activities we are engaging in at any given moment. These frequencies can be recorded by an electroencephalogram (or EEG). This test measures and records the electrical activity of the brain through the use of electrodes. Using the power of sound wave technology in brain wave therapy, we can actually alter the way our minds work by resetting the frequency in order to invoke better concentration, more restful sleep and lasting memory. It's incredible.

So if our minds are emitting a certain frequency and if the law of resonance applies to human beings as well, then the frequencies of our minds would be automatically adjusting to meet the frequency of other people's minds all the time!


It's no wonder misery loves company when the law of resonance is at work! We can see how truly important it is to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our vision, our passions and our goals for happiness and success. Now we understand why it can make such a difference to spend time with joyful, supportive people. Even after a difficult day, their laughter and happiness is literally infectious and can bring us back up to a happy frequency almost magically.

Think about how powerful this concept can be when applied to coaching. If you know of someone who is successful, positive and happy, you know they are emitting a matching frequency through their happy and positive thoughts. If you are working with them or spending time with them, you are bound to be picking up some of that signal as well. Your brain frequency will be working to meet theirs. If that person is willing to spend significant time working with you and mentoring you, you will be benefiting both from their wisdom and teaching as well as from their positive brain frequency.

If you think you might need help and encouragement getting your mind on the right track to build the life you want, seek out the advice and counsel of a coach. There are likely people in your own immediate circle who would be willing to offer guidance if you simply ask. You could also seek the services of a qualified life coach or law of attraction specialist. There are many who have dedicated their lives to this work.
You can even find help and support from other people who are on the same path and share your desire for a better life and a more positive outlook. Church groups, social clubs and even online forums are a great place to search and make connections with the right frequencies.

Signing off...10-4!

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