Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Steps to a State of Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. We choose whether or not we are going to be happy no matter what circumstances life sends our way. There are people who easily become moody and depressed over the simplest set-back, and there are those who continue to shine with a sunny disposition no matter what inconvenience might pop up along the way. What makes or breaks our life is how we deal with the situations presented to us. Jack Canfield teaches an equation known as E+R=O. Event+Response=Outcome.

Today I choose to be happy. What about you? Will you choose to be happy, too? Set yourself up for happiness. Clear away the cobwebs in your mind, your body and your life and set your focus on positive thought and a happy state of mind. To get started, consider making some of the following changes in your daily life to leave the door open for happiness.

1. Adjust Your Diet
Sometimes the things we eat can actually have a negative affect on our mood. Certain foods like omega-3 rich salmon and nuts can boost the mood and help stave off feelings of depression in those who are prone. The vibrational energy of certain foods is another thing to keep in mind. Certain foods might be better suited to match your body's chemistry and vibrational energy. Plus, when we are making healthy food choices and taking care of our body, we automatically feel better.

2. Keep a Journal
A journal can be therapeutic in two different ways. If we are facing difficulty with a situation or a decision, journaling can help with working out feelings in the same way talking to someone can help sort through the situation. Some people find when they have a rough day or a difficult time with a loved one, putting the feelings onto paper allows them to release those feelings from their mind and move on. Others argue this habit might only increase negative feelings as we dwell on them in contemplation. See how it works for you and adjust your habits accordingly. Journaling can be an excellent opportunity to focus on good things, as well. Each night or each week you can write out all of the wonderful things you saw, felt and experienced in the previous days or hours. Focusing on the positive moments will make you feel great, and you always have that record to go back to.

3. Good Deeds
If you've ever helped someone and known how much your help was appreciated or needed, you know how good it can feel to pitch in. If you have the time, make it a regular event and you will notice an improvement in your feelings and general state of happiness.

4. Meditate
Mediation is a powerful tool for focusing the mind and getting clear about what you want to bring in to your life. During meditation, you can practice techniques to relieve stress and let go of emotions that can interfere with your ability to experience deep levels of happiness. Meditation allows you to achieve a peaceful state and become open to the blessings waiting to shower your life!

5. Shed Some Light on the Situation
If you've ever spent a long winter hibernating in the darkness that starts around 4:30 in the afternoon, you know how light (or lack thereof) can affect your mood. Open the blinds and let the sunlight stream in as soon as you first wake up in the morning. Eat breakfast by a sunny window or on the patio, and spend time outdoors each day. Particularly if you work in an office without direct sunlight, make sure you spend your breaks outside or near a window to get a healthy dose of cheerful sunlight.

6. Socialize
Spending time with family and friends who care about you and share your desire to live a happy, positive life can do wonders for boosting your mood. Human beings feed off each other, and when we share great times together life becomes so much more enriching.

7. Exercise
Regular exercise is so important for our bodies. Not only does it release endorphins to make us feel happier right away, but participating in regular exercise makes us feel good because we know we are taking good care of our bodies the way we should. It's a healthy accomplishment we can be proud of!

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