Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Law of Vibration


The law of vibration states that everything vibrates, and nothing in the universe is at rest. Through the use of scientific equipment we can even see this concept for ourselves. The table in the dining room looks solid, but if we were to put the table under a high-powered microscope, we would see that table is actually made up of tiny particles which are moving and vibrating all the time. They do so at such a low rate of speed that they appear not to be moving at all to the naked eye. We could do the same thing even with our own bodies. Our skin cells, blood cells, liver cells and heart cells could all be broken down into subatomic particles which clearly move and vibrate continuously . Even when our bodies die, they continue to vibrate as the molecules break down and the physical body eventually transforms into dust particles.

Everything in our universe is a vibration. The wind, the light, the plants, animals and ourselves. Some of these vibrations are easily detectable while others are not. When someone speaks, their voice emanates in a specific frequency - or vibration. In listening to that person speak, the vibration of their voice is carried into the ear canal where it vibrates the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. This vibration in the ear is then translated into a spark of energy as the brain cells vibrate to interpret the sound, the speech and the words.

Even without having to study the complex mathematical equations and scientific theories that have led to the discovery of this law, you will see its truth all around you. Think about when you put a pot of water on the stove. You leave it alone for a while, and the water stabilizes to appear completely still and motionless. Then you turn on the burner underneath the pot. The burner heats up and transfers heat vibrations to the pot. The pot then transfers heat to the water. As the water heats up, its vibration increases to such a high rate of speed you can actually see it with your eyes. First you detect tiny air bubbles forming and rising to the surface. Then those bubbles increase exponentially and the water begins to boil. It gains so much speed from its high rate of vibration that it continues to expand right out of the pot as the steam vapor rises into the atmosphere.

Remember if everything is vibrating and in a constant state of motion, it must be in motion toward something. Imagine we place two magnets on that dining room table. They are adjacent to each other but independent of each other. Now we grab on to the edge of the table and begin to shake it rhythmically so everything on the table's surface including the two magnets also begins to vibrate at the same rate. Eventually, those two magnets will vibrate close enough to each other that they are able to attract each other and become one joined unit.

Our bodies are also vibrating masses waiting to attract other vibrating forces. If we find we are in a state of despair, we will vibrate toward despair. If we are vibrating positive energy of wealth, health, abundance and joy, we will vibrate toward and attract more of those same vibrations to increase exponentially.

The good news is that we are not lame ducks subject to the will of vibrations. We have control over the vibrations we create and thereby the vibrations we attract and gravitate toward. In an ever-expanding universe where everything exists on a vibrational level, our thoughts are one of the highest vibrational frequencies known to exist. Nothing we know of is faster than the speed of thought. There exists amazing potential in those thought vibrations, and that is why it is so important to harness that power and learn to direct it appropriately.

When we think a negative thought, negativity will vibrate toward us. Think that way for long enough, and it begins to encompass our entire being. Our whole body will vibrate with negative energy right down to the cells in our organs.

It also works the other way, however. In the opposite direction it works faster, better and more efficiently. Alter our thoughts to produce positive vibrations, and it will engulf our entire being in abundant, radiant energy. We will begin to vibrate at such a high frequency that more and more positive energy will vibrate toward us and attach to us at an ever increasing rate. One positive vibration leads to another and then another, propelling us up the ladder to bigger and better things. It's like a Universal multi-level marketing system! We can use the law of vibration and make it work for us to vibrate toward everything good for our life. There is no "good luck" or "bad luck", there is only vibration.


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