Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Need A Coach?

You've discovered the secret, and now you finally know and understand the law of attraction. You've figured out there is a formula to attracting wonderful things into your life and living the best existence possible. You identified the fact that life is meant to be an abundance of all things good, and you resolved to seek all the abundance to which you are entitled.

So you set to work long ago, mapping out your life and imagining the vision of what you wanted for yourself and your family. You focused, mediated and did whatever you could to bring that image about. You changed your thoughts, you changed your habits and you have done everything you have heard is necessary in order to manifest the vision for your life. You were excited and truly believed it could and would happen. You imagined yourself rich, healthy, happy and surrounded by those you love and those who love you.

Did it work for you? Does it work for you all the time, or are you finding that some things easily come to pass while other things don't? Is there an inconsistency in manifesting your vision?

Why do you suppose that is? Do you look at some of the masters who have used the law of attraction to change their lives and wonder what they have done in order to achieve their goals which you have not?

Are they simply born with the knowledge of the law of attraction?


Many people have the good fortune of figuring out the power of prayer, meditation and positive thought in their own life long before affixing any particular term to the practice. It's possible they may have a naturally happy and positive disposition which allows for an easy transition in applying the principles of the law of attraction to a successful life. So maybe it just comes more naturally to other people?

It could be.

Or maybe it's something else.

The knowledge of how to apply the principles of attraction to manifest good in your life is something that was once possessed by a select few. They taught their pupils who in turn became masters and went on to teach others through the generations. Sometimes it was passed among family members, other times by masters working with their protégés. In fact, some of the greatest masters of the law of attraction are those who have had the opportunity to work with other successful teachers.

Jack Canfield, a successful practitioner and coach of the law of attraction credits the beginning of his transformation to the time he was able to spend working with W. Clement Stone and gleaning the wisdom from Stone's years of experience and achievement. Bob Proctor, another terrific teacher on the law of attraction and the power of thought extends credit to his own teacher Earl Nightingale, a pioneer in the field of personal development. If we were to go back in history, we would find countless examples of the teacher passing on the knowledge to the student.

So maybe that's it. Maybe you haven't been as successful as you wanted because you haven't found the right teacher.

As human beings, all of our behaviors are learned behaviors. We teach each other how to speak, how to read and write and even how to eat with proper table manners. There are a few savants in the world who are able to pick out melodies on the piano with no formal instruction, but most of us need to be taught the correct notes so we can interpret those signals into the music we hear.

If you're struggling with the concept of attraction and the successful application in your own life, maybe it's simply because no one has ever taught you how to apply the practice every day in every way. It may be vastly different from what you have been taught to believe your entire life, and beyond the adjustment period you needed to process the information your education is still incomplete. You can still be wildly successful, but for many of us to enhance and accelerate our progress we benefit greatly in consulting a coach. Often times when we attempt something new, we need guidance and direction from those who have gone before. There's no shame in that. In fact, it's intended. One of the gifts mankind has been given is the interaction of teaching and learning from each other. We employ teachers and coaches for mathematics, science, music and art. Why should the science and art of attracting success be any different?

There are many resources available to those who seek. If you search you can likely find a life coach or law of attraction specialist who would take you as a client and help you find the keys to consistent success in your life. Alternatively, many experts have written extensive literature and offer courses online, through seminars, in books or on tape. All we have to do is try them out to find something that resonates deep within and opens new channels within us to allow the information to flow through us.

Pick a teacher who inspires you and seek them out. If that person is a public speaker, chances are they have a website or they have written at least one book designed to offer you guidance. Take that guidance!

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