Monday, June 22, 2009

Successful Practice of the Law of Attraction


Thanks to Rhonda Byrne and her introductory film to The Secret, a lot people have become interested in the Law of Attraction and bringing its good into their life. Many people struggle with keeping up the momentum after they've closed the book, turned off the TV or finished listening to the CD.

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It's understandable. We're caught in busy lives, and we've already learned a certain way to get through the days so it can be tough to take the time to learn something new. It's hard because learning something new can often be so time consuming and take so much of our energy.

When you were a little child and first began to read, you had to learn the basic components of language. Through song, pictures, and colors you learned the letters of the alphabet and how all those letters make up words. You learned each sound of the words' components, and you learned how to string those together into words and then sentences. Your first attempts were very slow as you sounded out each word and your brain synapses made the connection of their meaning. Many of us spent hours devoted to this task in school every day. As you grew and developed in the practice, your synapses fired faster and you recognized words more quickly. As adults, many of us can quickly skim over a sentence and understand its meaning without even processing all of the individual words. It becomes a quick and automatic habit.

The laws of life are the same way. You were taught to believe a certain set of ideals, whether intentionally or not. When you were young, you simply processed some of those ideas without even realizing, and they became a part of your consciousness and general life understanding.

Now you're attempting to learn something new. It's a challenge at first just like everything else that has ever been new to you. Some people might pick up on it right away, while other people will take a little more time digesting the information.

If learning has been difficult for you or you feel you don't have time in the midst of a busy life to relearn any concepts and behaviors, then you may consciously or unconsciously reject the new ideas.

Remember when you were young and it took you time to learn to read. This is the same concept. You need to devote the time to be consciously aware of the practices and principals so you can apply them in your life. As you learn the mechanics and recognize how they they apply - just like when you recognized a new word - you will be able to recognize that application much easier the next time around. Just imagine with time and repeated review, your practical application will become more seamless with less stumbling and stuttering. Eventually, it's going to become second nature. You'll do it without even thinking about it. You'll do it every day in every way, and it will become as easy to you as scanning a newspaper headline.

Open yourself up to that possibility.

You are capable.

You've learned thousands of things in your life. Remember the first day of a new job? Over time your job functions become automatic to you. Remember the first time in a new town or state? Eventually your surroundings became normal and it felt like home.

This is the same thing. Don't feel badly if you haven't been successful yet. Don't feel that you have done something wrong if you have yet to achieve the level of your desires. Just become methodical about your study habits and set time aside ever day. Study it as much as you can. There are millions of resources out there which you can learn and absorb. Take it all in. Practice it every day and it will become you. Before you know it, you'll have a new understanding and a new way of life.

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