Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Little Boy In All Men...


Bare NecessitiesBare Necessities
Ah, men. They're big and strong. They don't cry when someone yells at them. They can carry twice as many grocery bags, and they're great to have around to kill creepy bugs and spiders. They can reach all the stuff in the high cupboards, and they have no trouble moving large pieces of furniture. They're helpful and capable (well, sometimes...) They hold degrees, have careers, support families and they can leap tall buildings in a single bound (well, some of them...) The extraordinary ones are able to go from negotiating mergers and heavy business dealings to picking up flowers on the way home for the wife and putting the kids to bed. Men are amazing. So how can they be so capable, so mature and responsible, then when you least expect it they end up acting like the problem child you never knew you had?

You know you've experienced these moments:

You're trying to settle the kids down or make dinner, and instead of helping, your husband is rolling around, getting everyone riled up and causing more stress and distraction.

Your boyfriend comes down with a cold and suddenly shrivels up into a whining, pathetic, sniffling creature. You get him soup and tea and cough medicine and blankets and juice. When he begs for tissues, you're tempted to throw the Kleenex box at his head.

You've been out all day and haven't had time to stop for lunch. As he grows hungry and tired, you see his mood drop faster than your 5-year old's. He starts whining about a headache and being hungry. Unless you're talking about a meatball sub, he can't hear anything you're saying.

Why do they sometimes act like children in need of coddling? Well, the sad truth is that sometimes they do need coddling. Actually, guys are not unique in this; we all need a little coddling now and then. When I've had a bad day, all I want is care. My man simply puts his arms around me and shows sympathy, and my frustration begins to melt away. If he goes out of his way to cater to me by bringing me dinner or taking me out for ice cream, it can heal all my ails. When he's dragging, I give him a little extra care. I cook something I know he'll like for dinner, whip up a batch of cookies, or rub his shoulders while we watch TV. When he's sick, I wait on him and take care of him in any way I can until he gets well.

It's not easy seeing the men we love weak and vulnerable, and sometimes it's hard to take over the responsibilities so he can chill out or relax and play a video game. If you can find a way to do it for an appreciate guy who deserves it, chances are he will love you all the more for it.

As grown ups, we are saddled with so many responsibilities and so much we have to do on a daily basis that once in a while, we just need to let go and be taken care of. Men, big strong burden-bearers they are, need this too. If we can get past their neediness and overlook what seems to be his shirking of responsibility, we will find a little nurturing goes a long way. Hopefully, he will appreciate being taken care of and will bounce back renewed and refreshed.

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