Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Turkey Hill Duetto


I love ice cream. Who doesn't? My favorite kind of frozen treat is the light and creamy soft serve. All Hail to the Dairy Queen! It's airy, low in fat and calories and the flavor is so smooth and dreamy - like sweet clouds on the end of my spoon. It's delightful in every possible way.

Living in a place where the winters are long and cold, it can be very depressing when the local ice cream shops board up their windows for the season. We make do with ice cream from the grocer's freezer, but there's just nothing quite like that creamy goodness fresh from the ice cream machine.

Imagine my delight when Turkey Hill introduced their Duetto flavors with creamy vanilla soft serve and various flavors of Venice Ice.

Could it be true?

It was!
I tried every flavor I could get my hands on, and I was not disappointed. The root beer duetto tastes like a delicious root beer float in a box. The cherry is akin to a cherry dipped soft serve cone at the local ice cream stand. The ice cream is soft and creamy as promised and although a few stabilizers and preservatives might be at work in that department, in the dead of winter I just have to have a scoop (or two).


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