Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lindt Excellence Chili Dark


Let me start off by admitting to you all that, yes, I was definitely nervous about eating a chocolate which boldly advertises that it contains red chili pepper. I grew up on good ole' Hershey bars, and in my world, chocolate is its own reward simply for chocolate's sake. The only thing that really makes chocolate sing for me is a hint of good quality mint, so in my mind, chili has no business going anywhere near chocolate.

But I'm not 8 anymore. Not only have I learned to love spinach, I've learned to appreciate quality, pure chocolate and to recognize the difference between that and the imitation chocolate out there that tastes like it contains more oil and refined sugar than actual chocolate. I'm refining my taste buds and daring to be more adventurous in the culinary arena, so despite the fact that I don't necessarily enjoy spicy foods such as chili, I decided to live dangerously and went in with eyes wide open and taste buds poised for the worst.

Past the sophisticated cardboard container embossed in gold with the Lindt name and the delicate foil wrapper lay a wide dark chocolate bar that looked and smelled of deep, rich cocoa. So far, I was not alarmed. It was unassuming, and appeared to be like any other dark chocolate. Pushing past my hesitation, I went in for the first bite. I have to say, I was disappointed. After a few chews, I started to let the chocolate melt in my mouth. It tasted like chocolate - just chocolate. What happened to the chili? I was expecting something different. What had I gotten myself all worked up about if it only tasted of chocolate?

It was good, sure. The texture is rich and creamy, with a slightly bitter flavor that dark chocolate is known for. I shrugged to myself and prepared to take my second bite just as the first was nearly melted away, and then it hit me: a mild warming sensation that spread over the whole of my tongue, reverberating in certain spots like subtle pin pricks tickling my mouth.
How odd, I thought, like a quiet parting gift that softly whispers back at you on its way down the esophagus. It was not entirely unpleasant, but definitely different. After letting my pallet neutralize, I went in again, this time skipping the chewing and simply letting the chocolate rest in between my lips to taste. Again, I tasted the chocolate first, which slowly gives way to the warmth of the chili oil.

I will say it's not my favorite chocolate choice, but definitely worth the $2 to enjoy a new and entirely different chocolate experience.

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