Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your Thoughts Do Become Things

You've heard it said before. Lately it's one of the buzz phrases making its way around the world as one person after another begins to deepen their study of the concepts behind the law of attraction. Your thoughts become things. It's hard to get your head around the idea sometimes. When we hear the phrase, we imagine if we sit and focus long enough and hard enough that we can somehow materialize our thoughts into a tangible physical object akin to a genie. Since the other laws of nature as we know them simply contradict this concept, we dismiss the idea as hogwash or nonsense and continue on with our lives as they are.

The truth is, your thoughts do become things. It doesn't happen like an old episode of "I Dream of Jeannie", but it does happen in more ways than we even realize. After all, what happens before every single time you take action in your life? You think it.

When you see an animal in the road, you swerve the car because your mind instantly thinks, "don't hit!"

You look in your closet and think, "I need new clothes." Then you go to the store and what happens? That thought of needing new clothes "materializes" into a new shirt or new pants hanging in your closet.

Remember the last time you were craving Chinese food or pizza? You just couldn't get it off your mind for days until finally you broke down and got take-out. What happened? Your thought became an egg roll!

Sometimes, it happens outside of our own actions or control. My husband and I often do this for each other without knowing. I remember craving pizza for two weeks straight, saying nothing out loud until he came home one night with the pizza of my dreams. Several weeks later I brought him cheeseburgers for lunch and smiled knowingly at his exclamation, "I was thinking about cheeseburgers today!" When I knew he was thinking about getting a DVD recorder at some point down the road without even realizing it, I made sure his thought manifested into a DVD recorder for his birthday.

What about other things? Do you ever have a particular song in your head and then suddenly you hear it playing? Have you ever been thinking about a particular movie for a while and then it comes on TV?

Well it turns out our thoughts do become things after all. It doesn't happen every time with every thought (thank goodness!), and it often comes about in different ways. Sometimes we take the action ourselves to make the reality possible, and sometimes other people in our lives cause it to be. It may not happen by magic like it does in the movies but when you open up to the reality and the possibility, it does seem quite magical in your mind.

So, what are you thinking about today?

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