Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Mystical Magical Thong


The thong. Those in the know can attest to the power of the thong. OK, I know they look scary and no, they are not great for every single body. They have their place, though. I'll admit before I'd tried one, I thought they were horrible! They look like an updated version of some odd, forgotten medieval torture device. I couldn't imagine why in the world anyone would ever consider them comfortable. I thought it was some strange cult of women who'd been recruited like Stepford Wives to steadfastly attest to the comfort of the thong so as to convert unsuspecting women unsavvy in the ways of fashion. I was much more comfortable in my thick, satin briefs. They framed my hips perfectly and helped steady the flesh around my lower half. I felt safe and secure in them. I had no need for those thongs.

Then I started to become painfully aware of the panty-line. Even beneath the thick fabric of denim jeans, I could see it: that thick elastic band bulging beneath the fabric of pants, skirts and nightgowns. It was ugly. I knew it was completely passé. I knew it was time to take the plunge.

It wasn't easy. I learned I had to shop (and shop) for the right kind of thong. Just like bras they are not one size fits all. Depending on the cut, the length and the fabric, they can have drastically different fits. I require a low-cut thong in order to suit my short frame. Otherwise, the thong can creep as high as my rib cage.


I also look for a wider band around the hips to avoid the dreaded "sausage" effect when the fabric cuts into the flesh and causes both an upper and a lower roll on either side of the band.

Very unpleasant.

It's important to experiment and find the right one for your body. Once I found the right one, I was rewarded with a smooth behind unbroken by the band of my old briefs.

Regarding comfort, I will say this: all thongs are not necessarily built for "comfort". I think when some women refer to a thong being comfortable, it may be that they have simply grown accustomed to the thong and learned how and when to utilize it. I find when I wear a thong alone or under loose-fitting clothing such as sweat pants or a skirt, it isn't necessarily as comfortable as it could be. In Bare Necessitiesthese cases, the thong is subject to shifting.

Given the design, a shift in the wrong direction (up) can be very uncomfortable and even painful. I find the thong to be most valuable when worn under those particular pants that have a snug or body-hugging fit. The clothing keeps the thong in place, and everything stays where it's supposed to.

Now...onto the secret, mystical power of the thong...

Everybody wants to have a nicely shaped derrière. Well, you know how a bra "lifts and separates"? The thong can do the same thing for your rear end! Just take a moment and think about the mechanics of the undergarment. You'll get the picture...

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