Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Is The Meaning Of Life?


For centuries the debate has raged on. After the many thousands of years that thousands of philosophers have wrestled with the unanswerable question, we still wonder: What is the meaning of life?

Human beings have done a lot of arguing about how we came to be on this planet. Did an almighty God breathe us into existence? Was it an accident of the Universal Big Bang, or are we simply the science project of a distant alien race? We have fought over it at the dinner table and waged wars over who is right. Most days I just can't help but wonder if it really matters. I mean honestly. Let's look at this rationally. We are living, breathing, amazing creatures positioned on this marvelous planet to conduct our lives. Who cares how we got here? Let's just work together to get this party started already!

I will make this easy on all of you who are sitting on the edge of your seats biting your nails day after day and trying to imagine what strange and mystical reason could have given birth to the human race...

I have discovered the meaning of life. That's right. I know the answer. Want me to tell you?

OK, here goes.

Wait for it...

The meaning of life - the reason we are all here on this great big planet is to uncover the meaning of life.

That's it, I'm done. Thanks for coming, Folks! Drive safe!

I know it's a little anti-climactic, but bear with me a minute longer. You have heard before that life is a journey. By now it has become something of a cliche, and the reason why is because it rings so true. Every single one of us is on this journey of life to learn, to grow and to become. Although we are on the same journey, the experience of the journey is different for every one of us. That's the beauty in it. We all have different perspectives, we place value in different things and we feel differently about certain events and circumstances. It's true we may be headed to the same destination of universal truth and understanding, but we aren't necessarily getting there the same way. Maybe you're on the escalator singing along to your favorite MP3, and I'm listening to elevator music, but we are still headed to the same floor. We can both get there in our own time and in our way. Isn't that amazing? I love that!

So knowing life is a journey, we can see how we are each meant to find a path of self-discovery and life-discovery. We all share some inherent truth that has yet to be fully realized and understood. We know we are destined for great things. Just because we have yet to figured out how to get there does nothing to diminish the truth within us. That's why we're all here! First we learn to breathe, then we form coherent thoughts, we learn to speak, walk and run.

Every day on this planet is more time to learn, grow and absorb. Every step you take is another step to uncovering your truth, your meaning and your reason for being. So what do you want your existence to be? What do you want your life to mean?

Photo: Angelo Cavalli

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