Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Go-Snacks for People on the Go!

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Sometimes you want a snack with you during the day to satisfy your hunger and your need to munch. Need some ideas for the most convenient and "on the go" friendly snacks? Consider these:

Apples are a great go-snack. They fit easily in a bag. Give them a rinse and a quick wipe with a clean paper towel, and they'll fill you up with fiber, provide antioxidant protection, and keep the doctor away!

Bananas are great since they come in their own packaging. Full of natural sugars to keep you energized, they are also packed with fiber to fill you up and stave off that gnawing hunger in your belly so you won't go running for something more questionable....

Bell peppers are an amazing snack. All you need is a knife and a zip-lock bag. Wash the pepper, slice it in half, remove the seeds, and slice the halves into strips or bite-sized chunks. Throw them in the zip-lock bag and you're ready to go with a sweet, colorful, crispy and crunchy snack you can munch on all day. You can annoy others with your incessant crunching, and you won't even miss the chips!

Cucumbers are great. Slice them into thin circles or long strips you can whittle away between your teeth, and throw them in a bag with the bell peppers or by themselves. They make a "munchable" snack. To dress them up and add some protein and calcium, bring along cheese slices and top the cukes just like a cracker! YUM! Edible plates!

Berries are a beautiful bite-sized snack. Give them a rinse, throw them in a bag or a plastic container and you're good to go. Not only are they easy to snack on, but they'll be providing you with tons of antioxidants and a boost to your immune system.

You like peanut M&Ms? Almond joy? Me too. For a change, though, try getting used to snacking on the nuts without the candy coating wrapped around them. Peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans...pop a handful in a bag and have them with you. If you have to, toss in a couple peanut M&Ms to help ease the transition. Nuts are full of protein and healthy fats that will not only make your hair shiny and make your eyes sparkle with the glow of good health, but they will help you not feel hungry while you're busy reviewing spreadsheets or picking the kids up from soccer.

Cottage cheese comes in terrific snack-sized portions that are great when you're on the go. Toss one in your bag with your keys and your apple, and you'll have a protein and calcium-rich snack that will go straight to your bones instead of your hips. It will also keep you feeling satisfied. Don't forget to bring a spoon!

String cheese. It's chewy! It's stringy! It's fun to eat! Plus it provides about 15% of the daily recommendation of calcium. Not only that, but they come in individually wrapped portions that will stay clean and protected until you're ready to eat them. Just don't leave them in a hot car....eeww....

Grapes are a wonderful snack. Although they tend to take up more room on the vine, and plucking each one off for packing can be time consuming, their high water content will not only help cleanse your system, but it will keep you hydrated and, along with the fiber content, will help keep you from feeling hungry. Grape, anyone?

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